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How to Dropship Supplements (Updated 2020)

Want to start a supplement business without actually owning or storing any inventory? This principle is called drop-shipping! 

The way it works is quite simple. An online retailer sells its products on the website but never has any physical contact with the actual inventory. 

Instead, a third-party takes care of manufacturing, storing, and shipping products on behalf of the online business. 

Thus, the online business only decides on a product, creates the online store, and leads the marketing efforts. 

The sale of products through the drop-shipping method simplifies the e-commerce implementation considerably. In contrast to the typical online stores, the products no longer have to be bought and stored in large quantities, adding high costs to the operation. This way, the sellers lessens their financial risk since no more substantial investments have to be spent on these products. 

What is perhaps best of all is that the customer who buys a product online does not notice the drop-shipping method and does not know that it is shipped from another location.

This makes it possible for many people to fulfill the dream of running their successful online store with minimum upfront investment.

Drop-shipping – “Small Risk – Big Reward.”

In a nutshell

If you want to start a drop-shipping supplement business, there are four main steps:

  1. Find the right product, which covers quality and demand, 
  2. Select a manufacturer that takes care of production, packaging, and shipping, 
  3. Then build a professional online store that can attract customers and generate purchases,
  4. Finally, attract your customers with the help of online marketing.

When the online store is finished, and the drop-shipping service is in use, the shop is mostly an automated process. This enables an entrepreneur to run the online store independently with little to no effort. 

Drop-shipping is a great way to make many people’s dreams of an online store come true, and it is as easy as possible. Less risk, less investment, less work – all this through the method of drop-shipping!

Why launch a Supplement Brand

The Health and Supplement Industry is booming, with a value of approximately $133 Billion in 2016, and the numbers are rising. Projected CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) shows these numbers will increase by 9.6% until 2024 (Source: nutrasciencelabs). 

Customers are getting more and more health-conscious, fast food companies are losing profit compared to previous years, and vegan/vegetarian products and personalized health alternatives are in high demand. 

No surprise then that the Supplement Industry and personalized health are gaining more and more popularity, and the numbers of new companies and products are increasing.

Not only is the demand high right now, but it’s as easy as ever to start a business. A personalized drop-shipping supplement brand can start from zero and achieve rapid success due to increasing popularity and low website and advertisement costs. 

Since personalized supplements play an essential role in various businesses, like the fitness, health, and vegan/vegetarian industries, they are only getting more popular every month.

The market for Personalized Supplement Brands is huge

The question is, why create a Supplement Brand if there are so many on the market already? The key is to create a unique brand, focused on a specific niche. The benefit of Supplements is that there are immense opportunities to create a unique combination of Supplements to address the customer’s needs and wishes.

Examples of Supplements with high demand

A study by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) estimates that there are currently over 29,000 different Supplements on the market, and the numbers are rising. As a retailer, this number can be terrifying and intimidating, but in fact, it opens many doors to create a unique and personal combination of Supplements to sell in a specific market for your niche. To clarify, here are some possible examples:

  • Fitness Supplements – Protein and Post Workout recovery
  • Vegan and vegetarian Supplements – Creatine and B12
  • Health, Weight-loss and Beauty Supplements – Antioxidants and Fiber

Supporting the customer’s health as a business idea

With rising numbers of Vegans and Vegetarians, the consciousness about peoples’ health is not just a sign of more awareness: it also opens new doors for business opportunities. The demands for specific fitness, health, and vegan Supplements are high, especially considering the support of scientific studies.

Using Supplement Studies to boost your business

One of the significant advantages of starting a Supplement business in this day and age is the vast quantity of studies that underline Supplements’ effectiveness in day-to-day use. Compared to many other companies, the Supplement Industry has a constant demand for new products due to consistent consumption. 

Studies show that it takes around six weeks for a Supplement to show results, whether it be beauty, fitness, or health-related. 

For example, in some cases, Biotin can take around three months for the customer to see a positive effect on hair and nail growth. In comparison to other Industries, the Supplement Industry is, therefore, in continuous demand for products.

Finding the right niche for your personalized Supplement Brand

To create a successful Supplement Brand, you have to find the right niche for your product, which, thanks to the internet, is as easy as ever! Through Internet Ads, Online Marketing, and Social Media, the chances of reaching a specific group of people, to generate sales and attract customers, is done with only a few clicks. 

The time is to finally start your personalized Supplement Brand, create a unique product, and generate your first sale!